mPAY Station "One-stop Payment Service"


mPay Station the convenient place for "One-stop Payment Service"
Buddy Broadband provides this payment channel to comfortably serve Buddy Broadband customers. Just visit at any mPAY Station and pay for variety services including Buddy Broadband.

3 easy ways to pay Buddy Broadband service via mPAY Station
 Way 1. Inform your Buddy Account ID at mPAY Station counter
 Way 2. Print out “Member information with bar code” from www.buddybb.com and hand in at mPAY Station counter.
 Way 3. Print out “Buddy Broadband Statement” from www.buddybb.com and hand in at mPAY Station counter.

"Member information with bar code"

"Buddy Broadband statement"

Procedure of Buddy Broadband at mPAY Station counter
1. Customer prepares to pay by choosing 1 of the 3 easy ways. At mPAY Station counter, mPay staff will recheck your Account ID.

2. Customer informs the amount of payment to staff. (Please note that the amount should be monthly fee rate) Remark: mPay Station fee is 10 THB/transaction. (Promotion rate till June 30, 2010)

3. Customer will get the receipt of Buddy Broadband payment and the receipt of mPay Station fee.

4.Buddy Broadband system will adjust your current balance immediately. Customer can check the balance via www.buddybb.com

Remark: Customer can pay monthly fee of Buddy Broadband service and you can also pay in advanced. (For example, pay for next 2 months or more, however the system will cut off your payment month by month.)

- Payment Buddy Broadband service at mPay Station accepts “Pay in Cash” only.